Best 10+ Free SEO Tools for New Bloggers 2023 {Updated}

Best 10+ Free SEO Tools for New Bloggers

Best Free SEO tools for new bloggers 2023. In any kind of work, Tools are very important, tools make the work easy, fast & accurate.

Newbie started his blogging as a career, and he struggled with many kinds of problems. like, how to start blogging, what will be the first step for blogging, how to optimize the articles, how to do SEO for a website, and What are SEO Tools…??

This article is especially meant for bloggers new to their field of blogging. They are guided about the new tools and their uses.

What will you find in this Article?

In this article, you will find various premium and free SEO Tools, with their features. If you’re new to blogging and SEO tools, the article is going to be a treasure for you. It analyses and gathers some of the best SEO tools for the easy use of bloggers.

Are You New To Seo?

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization is beneficial for marketers and which makes the content or blogs visible to the audience on a wider scale. SEO blogs are an important part of Social Media Marketing. They abide by a few rules and tips for easy analysis on the search.

Let’s take a look at what SEO tools are!

SEO Tools are important sources for improving blogs and content. These tools are used widely for the advancement of the work of users worldwide. These tools are designed specially to add better features and value to the SEO content.

How Do They Work?

SEO tools work in various ways like analyzing the factors of the page, figuring out errors such as the distribution of keywords, mistakes in web pages, etc. The tools are usually helpful in focusing on keyword research and technical SEO.

However, many of the users out there face many serious issues when it comes to their respective websites, blogs, content, etc.

To take you out of the issues you’re facing with SEO web pages, let’s go through some of the basic tools which can help you rock at SEO content.

List of SEO Tools:

Google Pagespeed Insights

This is a free tool, mostly used by new website owners busy building a website. So, if you’re building a new website and you are low on budget, you can use this tool. The benefits of this tool are-

  • analyses the performance of a website
  • suggests optimization features through scoring the website.

Google Pagespeed Insights


Mobile-Friendly Test

This tool carries out the mobile site test in terms of mobile responsiveness. So, if you face issues related to mobile tests, make sure you use the tool. The benefits of this tool are –

  • It tests the mobile responsiveness
  • It tells the mobile scores

Mobile-Friendly Test

Ahrefs Backlink Checker

This is a premium tool that pulls and displays the backlink analysis and report for a webpage. Moreover, if you’re genuinely into a competition, you can find the backlinks of your competitors.

The benefits of this tool are –

  • It displays and tracks backlinks
  • Researches the content
  • Researches keywords
  • Researches links

Ahrefs Backlink Checker


If you’re unable to highlight, choose, match, or arrange your keywords, make sure to use this tool. This premium tool enlarges your keyword pool for your website. It adds to the keyword’s expressions and visibility on your website. The benefits of this tool are-

  • It enlarges the keyword pool
  • It adds to the keyword’s expressions
  • It adds to the visibility of the website


Keyword Tool

If you’re a little low on budget and want to run your website free of cost, you need not worry. Keyword tool is a free tool available for users like you. It is known as the best alternative for the google keyword planner and other keyword research tools. Best free Seo tools for new bloggers. The benefits of this tool are –

  • It plans your keywords
  • It arranges your keywords
  • It is the best alternative to google keyword research

keyword tool

Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer is a premium SEO tool that helps you with audits. It is meant for prospective clients. The benefits of this tool are-

  • It analyses links
  • It analyses audits

moz link explorer

XML Sitemaps Generator

First, just focus on what sitemap actually is. Sitemap is a way of organizing a website by identifying the data and URL. If you create an XML sitemap and submit it to Google, visitors will be able to navigate your site in a better way. Best free SEO tools for new bloggers. The benefits of this tool are –

  • It finds the data faster
  • It enables to navigate your site
  • It lets you create sitemaps

Xml Sitemap Generator


Have you ever heard of Organic Research and its advantages? Organic research provides results that match the user’s search request based on relevance. This is also called natural search. SEOquake is a free plugin that will provide you the organic research data. The benefits of this tool are-

  • It provides organic research data
  • It provides tools like keyword density report
  • It provides link analysis
  • It provides SEO Audit

SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup is a collection of SEO tools that are specially designed to help you to make a check on various things like keywords, audience, page views, backlinks, traffic, lead, etc. It is a premium one though it has a considerable number of advantages.

Seo site Checkup


Siteliner is an efficient service that explores your website and brings up the issues that affect your site’s rankings. If you’re unsure about your page’s degrading points or want to track what makes your website fall, Siteliner can become your best friend. It also tracks duplicate content, broken links and page power of your website. The benefits of this tool are-

  • It tracks the degrading points of your website
  • It tracks duplicate content
  • It identifies broken links
  • It tracks page power of the website


Screaming Frog SEO Spider

This SEO tool has some similarities with Siteliner. It helps you when you find issues or difficulties with broken links, explores large sites, gathering onsite data, analyze stuff on your website, best free seo tools for new bloggers. The benefits of this tool are-

  • It explores large sites
  • It gathers onsite data
  • It analyses stuff
  • It finds temporary and permanent redirects
  • It analyses page titles
  • It analyses metadata
  • It discovers duplicate content
  • It extracts data with XPath

Screaming frog

Google Analytics

Are you worried about tracking data of your website visitors? Google Analytics is a free tool that is used to track data about the visitors to your page. This is a helpful tool that is available at no cost. The benefits of this tool are-

  • It tracks data about the visitors
  • It tells about the performance of the keywords

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Best Free Seo tools for new bloggers. Do you want to optimize the visibility of your website? Google Search Console is a google based web service by Google which allows you to check the indexing status of your website along with optimizing visibility. The benefits of this tool are –

  • It optimizes the visibility
  • It checks the indexing status
  • It works extremely well being a google based web service

Google Search console


How do the Best Free SEO tools boost your website for new bloggers? 

These tools give you a basic view of their usage on a website. They become handy and grow the features of your website. Some tools grow your audience while some of them analyze and optimize the results of your website. The tools have hundreds of benefits which definitely adds to the responsiveness and attractiveness of your website.

Here we come to the end of a curated list that will help you to solve many problems related to your website. Some of them are free and others are premium tools. However, both have their own qualities and charm when it comes to SEO websites. There are millions of users of these tools all around the world. Make sure to use one that best suits your website!


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